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Chevening Application Tips – Common Questions

My name is Soma, and I am a Chevening alumni. I got the Chevening scholarship in 2017 studying a master of Project Management at Anglia Ruskin University.

I often get asked how I got the Chevening Scholarship. Instead of answering the same questions over and over again, I have decided to write a series of blog posts. In this blog post, instead of giving you Chevening application tips, I will share my Chevening application journey, mainly covering: how I wrote my essay and how I answered the interview questions. I hope that what I share here will help you with your future Chevening application. 

Before we get started –  A disclaimer

The views, thoughts, and opinions in these videos belong solely to myself, and not to the Chevening office. I don’t represent any organizations or parties, this is purely my view, based on my knowledge and experience as a Chevening alumni.“

Alright! With that out of the way, let’s get started! In this first blog post, I will answer a few common questions that I often get asked regarding the application process. If you are already familiar with the Chevening scholarship or you’ve applied before, feel free to proceed to the next blog posts.. 

Common questions: 

  1. What is the application timeline? 

You can check the application timeline here.

2. Do I need to have work experience to apply for the Chevening scholarship?

Yes, you do! You need to have at least two years of work experience or equal to 2,800 hours. Other eligibility criteria includes: 

Have a look at the eligibility criteria in detail here

3. Does my work experience need to be related to my Masters course?

No, it doesn’t. As for the requirement any work experience, even an internship, will do. To make your application strong, you need to have a legitimate explanation of why you want to study a different field from your current job. 

4. What does Chevening cover?

The Chevening scholarship covers your tuition fee, flight tickets, visa application and monthly personal living allowance. Read here in detail. 

5. Do I need to get a letter of acceptance (LOA) from a UK university before applying?

No. You don’t need an unconditional LOA or offer letter until you are selected, which is around the 15th of July. However, some universities have different registration dates, so make sure you secure an offer from your favorite university in time. 

6. Can I work whilst studying in the UK?

Yes, you can. But, if you gain an extra income in excess of 3,000 pounds sterling, over a 12 month period, your monthly stipend will be deducted depending on your income amount. Read in more detail here. 

7. Will my application be reviewed if I submit last minute?

Yes, as long as you submit your application before the closing time, your application will be reviewed. I submitted mine three days before the closing date. Keep in mind that their servers can be very busy a few days before the closing date so you might want to give yourself a little leeway for peace of mind!

These all seven most asked questions that I can think of. If you have other general questions that are not on this list, you can find the answers at the Chevening official website here. If not, let’s get started with other schevening application tips or rather chevening scholarship sharing. Continue to these pages below.


I suggest you find a native English speaker to proofread your application before submitting. I use *Preply to find native English speaker editors that suits my need and budget. I personally worked with Christopher B. He has a Ph.D. and 17 years teaching at the university level. He is awesome!

You can take free classes with other teachers to find the right teacher for you. Even better, if you have an English native speaker friend, you can ask him/her to help.

*Disclaimer: this is an affiliate link meaning I will get a commission if you purchase their services at no additional cost to you.

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