English Speaking Group

Want to practice your English while meeting new people? Join our Speaking English Group here in beautiful Bali! You will learn to speak English fluently, in an engaging and enjoyable experience for you.

How does it work? 

This class emphasizes conversation skills, and helps build your confidence in speaking English. Don’t worry about making mistakes – our class is the safest place to make them. Getting your ideas across is what’s most important. 

At the end of the class, your moderator will point out some grammar and idiomatic expressions for you to take notes on. Reviewing these notes will help you become a better speaker in the future. 

When and How much does it cost?

The English speaking group is run every Wednesday at 4-5PM at JB English. We need at least four enrollments to hold the class. There are a maximum of 10 students in a class. 

The cost for this class is 50,000 IDR/session. 

What activities will it involve? 

Basically, there will be a lot of talking and listening to interesting conversions! The group discussion will be led by an experienced native-speaker or a local professional English teacher. The class can start with a presentation by the moderator (or one of the class members) on a certain topic, and then everyone can share their views. Another day, you might need to pick a topic and do a few minutes of impromptu speaking in front of the class. Some topics you may encounter include: 

  • Western culture vs Indonesian culture
  • Foods found in Bali
  • Indonesian and international politics 
  • Education in Indonesia
  • Music and arts 

…and so on.

Who is this for? 

This class is for those of you who want to learn to speak English with ease and make friends at the same time. The class is flexible, so if you miss one class you can join in the next and pick up where you left off. We have different topics with various activities for every meeting. 

Although you can join the class regardless of your English level, we recommend you are at least at Elementary Level (A2) to make the most of this class. 

Who are the moderators? 

The moderators are experienced native and local English teachers from JB English. They all are graduates of reputable universities in Indonesia and abroad. Here are their profiles. 

How do I enroll? 

To enroll, please contact us at admin@jbenglishbali.com or WhatsApp at 6287806000552.

See you in class!