English Level

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you already speak some English, our effective methods and experienced teachers can help you achieve your language goals. We provide learning tracks appropriate to your level. We have adapted the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as our guideline. You can find your language level by taking this test.

At JB English, we have 16 levels in total which correspond to the CEFR framework. 

Category CEFR Framework JB English Levels
Beginner A1 Beginner 1
Beginner 2
A2 Elementary 1
Elementary 2
Intermediate B1 Lower Intermediate 1
Lower Intermediate 2
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2
B2 Upper Intermediate 1
Upper Intermediate 2
Advanced C1 Advanced 1
Advanced 2

Each JB English level consists of 60 hours of learning which includes 30 hours of classes as well as listening practice on your own time. You will be assessed at the end of every level to track your learning progress.

Below are descriptions of each level from the official CEFR website: