English Course with Native Speakers

Do you want to improve your English while on holiday on the beautiful island of Bali? Enroll in our English course with native English speakers. 

We’re offering an English course here in Bali, and it’s designed for all levels! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced speaker, our program has classes to meet your specific needs. 

What’s the program like?

It is a well-balanced week of learning with our structured program. It includes fun, interactive classes and practical sessions designed to enhance your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Our planned curriculum ensures an engaging way of learning for you.

Who are the instructors? 

The instructors for this course are experienced native English speakers who are passionate about helping you master English as quickly as possible. 

With us, you’ll be learning using a communicative and immersive learning approach. This makes sure you develop not just language skills, but also the confidence to have effortless conversations. You will develop a natural and accurate way of speaking, which is crucial for clear communication in real-world scenarios. 

You can check our teachers’ profiles here.

What resources do we use?

In addition to working with experienced and qualified English teachers, you also get useful resources, including: 

  • English textbooks that are based on real-life contexts
  • Free access to our listening lessons
  • Online assessments to monitor your progress 
  • Lesson reports so you can review your previous lessons 

Upon completion, we also provide a certificate of accomplishment by request.

You will study in Bali! 

With a beautiful, diverse environment like Bali, you can be sure to have some exciting opportunities both inside and outside class to practice your language. Bali is known as an international hub for both tourists and expatriates – giving you plenty of occasions to mingle with locals and foreigners alike. 

Joining clubs like Toastmaster International, or volunteering for non-profit organizations like Prasad Food Kitchen for example will help immerse you in situations where you can practice your English. You will also find motivation to express ideas, analyze information and engage in conversations – all the while making a positive impact.

So if you’ve decided to learn English, what better way than to do it here in Bali! 

Student Testimonials

To find out what kind of experience you would have studying at JB English, you can ask around from our previous students. We are passionate about teaching, and we always get feedback from our students to reflect on how we can do even better. 

We are proud to have been highly rated by our students. Here are some of our students’ testimonials.

Accommodation Options

While we don’t offer accommodations to our students ourselves, we have several accommodations close to JB English for you to choose from. Please go to this page to see the options.

To enroll, please contact us at admin@jbenglishbali.com or WhatsApp at 6287806000552