Intensive English Course

Are you ready to take your English communication skill to the next level? Our Intensive English Course in Bali, Indonesia, offers a unique blend of immersive learning and enjoyable activities that will help you boost your confidence in conversing in English.  

Intensive Course Structure

By taking this course, you will study three to six hours daily working on all language skills. Your daily session is split into two: the first one focuses on speaking & listening, encouraging communication skills through interactive activities. In the second session, the reading & writing class emphasises on grammar, vocabulary, and written expression.

You can also combine your intensive course with language tours/excursions to experience real spoken English in daily contexts. You can learn about our language tours, please click here.

Our Teaching Team

Our dedicated tutors comprise a blend of experienced native English speakers and local professionals who are passionate about helping you master English as quickly as possible. You can specifically request to work with native speakers, local teachers, or a mix of both. 

To learn more about our teachers, please check our teaching team below:

What will you get

In addition to working with experienced and qualified English teachers, you also get useful resources, including: 

  • English textbooks that are based on real life context
  • Free access to our listening lessons
  • Online assessments to monitor your progress 
  • Lesson record report to review your previous lessons 

Upon your completion, we also provide a certificate of accomplishment by request.

You will study in Bali! 

Although you can also study online with us, we encourage you to visit Bali for the full experience. Studying English in Bali allows you to connect with international travelers, dive into Balinese lifestyles with their beautiful traditions, and explore exotic beaches and spectacular landscapes, all while developing your English skills. 

What better way to learn English in the beautiful island Bali!

Student Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it – hear from previous students. We are passionate about what we do, and we always ask feedback from our students to learn from their experience and reflect on how we can do even better. 

We are proud that we have been highly rated by our students. You can read their reviews here

Accommodation Options

We also provide information on accommodation choices, ensuring your stay in Bali is comfortable and conducive to learning.

We don’t have accommodations for our students, but we have collected accommodations close to JB English for you to choose from. Please go to this page to see the options. 

How to Enrol

Ready to start? Please follow this step-by-step guide. 

Step 1: Take our placement test to know your English level. 

Step 2: Click the price on our program page to choose your hourly package

Step 3: Complete the registration and payment

See you in class! 
If you have any questions, please email us at or WhatsApp us on +6287 806 000 552