English for Kids

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We are now offering interactive English Classes for your young ones. You can choose to study in Bali or anywhere in the world with our online classes. 

Our English class is more than just a ‘class’: it’s an adventure full of discovery, creativity, and laughter that your child will want to keep going back to. Here's what makes our classes special:

Inspiring Tutors with a Passion for teaching children

Our tutors manage to guide your child to English fluency, while also being their playmate. We’re highly qualified and experienced in making language learning a delight for your child.

Tailored Levels for Every Stage

Whether your child is starting from zero or has some prior English exposure, our tutors will tailor their lessons to meet kids’ individual needs and learning styles. With this, we ensure children learn in a supportive environment at a steady pace no matter where they start from.

Engaging Activities and Challenges:

Kids enjoy learning when there’s games, activities, and storytelling involved. Our classes are carefully planned to engage children while helping them learn English language skills. Challenges keep the learning process dynamic and fun. From language games to themed projects, each class is a new and exciting adventure. 

Entertaining learning resources:

We don’t follow the old teaching method where kids listen to a teacher droning on for hours. Our multimedia and physical resources are carefully handpicked to mimic actual English speakers and situations so children’s language skills are ready for real-world practice.

How to Enrol:

Step 1: Click on the price on this page to choose your hourly package

Step 2: Pick the time slots

Step 3: Proceed with payment to confirm

And we’ll see our little students in class!