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English Course in Bali

We provide English classes in Bali for international learners.

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About Us

Welcome to JB English

We are an English language school with experienced and qualified teachers.Our teachers use English as the language of instruction to teach foreigners. They are graduates of notable universities in Indonesia and abroad.

Using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), we are ready to help you master English from basic to advanced levels.

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Why study with JB English?

Our Strengths

Professional Teachers

Highly qualified teachers experienced in teaching English as a foreign language.

Flashcards Apps

We provide flashcards apps for learning vocabulary and pronunciation.

Focus on communication

We emphasize communication skills. We teach grammar in context, not with boring grammar rules.

Free Consultation

We are ready to help with homework and English difficulties in the workplace.

Personalized Learning

We adapt our teaching style and materials according to your language needs.

Authentic Materials

Our teaching materials are the things that native speakers use in everyday life.

What do we offer?

Our Programs

General English

This program gives you a right balance of four English skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). There are six levels in total which takes you from a beginner or intermediate to a fluent user of English. If you are not sure about your English level, try our test here .

English Conversation

This program is for those who want to focus on spoken language. It emphasizes verbal language skills (speaking and listening). Our teaching materials will include everyday conversations, tv series, radio, podcast, movie clips, and other authentic materials.

IELTS/TOEFL Preparation

International English Testing System (IELTS) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are popular standardized tests for university entrance or work placement. With our intensive relevant practice and test taking tricks, we can help you achieve your desired scores.

What do our students think?


Who are our teachers?

Teaching Team


Hana Andriana, S.Pd., M.Pd.

English Teacher


Rustaman Abduls, S.Pd.

English Teacher


Ayu January, S.Pd., M.Hum

English Teacher


Hari Jusna, S.Pd.

English Teacher


Made Soma, S.Pd., MSc

English Teacher


Ade Arieska, S.Pd.

English Teacher


Sani Cahyani, S.Pd.

English Teacher


Devi Widiani, S.Pd.

English Teacher